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In the dark world of 'Debtors,' Paul and Claire are entangled in a web of debt, ensnared by the Hyena Brotherhood, a ruthless criminal gang led by the cunning Vito. The story takes a somber turn when Vito issues a merciless ultimatum – pay the entire debt within 30 days or suffer grievous consequences.

Fueled by desperation, Paul and Claire navigate the shadowy city, resorting to both legal and shady tactics just to survive. 'Debtors' unfolds a haunting narrative, immersing gamers in a relentless urban nightmare where every choice comes with a price, and the Hyena Brotherhood is always lurking in the shadows.

Will you succeed in paying off the debt without losing your dignity? Can Paul and Claire's marriage endure the horrors of the Hyena Brotherhood's retribution? If otherworldly forces of darkness lend you a helping hand, will you accept it?



+75 overwhelming animation files

+50 crafted character sprites

+20 lively non-playable characters

+15 received fan arts

+10 specially crafted game-dedicated soundtracks

7 unique locations

6 different endings

3 partially voice-acted characters

2 characters with their unique mechanics

1 lewd kitty developer!

0 hope to survive the confrontation with the Hyena Brotherhood


1. Earn money by working decently

2. Work as a prostitute choosing from 5 available clients

3. Fight in a weekly combat tournament to risk your money to earn extra

4. Befriend lost pizza delivery guy

5. Pay your rent in the way you find most... pleasurable

6. Get pregnant as Claire with any guy you like!

7. Become alpha or omega male as Paul (not doing anything special so far)

8. Join Hyena Brotherhood, if you can't beat someone you should join them

9. Go to the gym to exercise your core muscles

10. Call the police to report on the Brotherhood... if you believe it's a good idea

11. Eat the merchant out to make her more agreeable during negotiations

12. Sell Claire's sister to your landlord to avoid paying rent

13. Any other crazy thing you encounter on your way to economic freedom! 


  • gay, straight, bisexual
  • domination/submission
  • humiliation
  • cuckold
  • breeding
  • tease and denial
  • orgasm control
  • internal view
  • occultism (coming soon)
  • group sex (coming soon)


The main storyline (paying the debt and reaching 2 canon endings) is done. That means the game is almost ready. In the next few builds I'm planning to add some more scenes, characters, factions, quests etc.

1st week of January  Build 4.0 was released.

Plans for build 5 (treat it more like a roadmap rather than an official commitment)

  • Quests after joining the Hyena Brotherhood
  • Joining the mysterious cult of pleasures from another dimension
  • Alliance with ConspiRATors against the HB
  • More adventures in prison
  • Update of graphics and mechanics for a "decent job"
  • Probably more prostitution clients



OPTION 1: Spread the word. Send the game to the people you think might like it. Leave positive comments, share your opinion and suggestions on what could be done better, etc.

OPTION 2: Play the game but stay alert! Bugs are never sleeping! If you encounter any of them be sure to let me know with any channel of communication (even a comment in itch.io is ok. I will create a database of bugs to fix before build 5.0

OPTION 3: If this project inspires you to help me in the long term feel free to check my Patreon account here:


In case you're more interested in a single act of kindness there's nothing better for an indie developer than a huge cup of coffee! You can sponsor it here:


Keep your fingers crossed and see you in update 5.0

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(213 total ratings)
AuthorLeo Nois
GenreVisual Novel
TagsErotic, Furry, Management, Thriller
Average sessionA few minutes


DEBTORS-4.0-pc.zip 1,008 MB
DEBTORS-4.0-mac.zip 973 MB

Install instructions

To install simply unzip the file to your desktop.

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awesome job on this mang

Hello, I recently found out about this game and I am interested in supporting it, but I see that the creator is very inactive, do you recommend someone provide support?

Quick note if possible: If the landlord gets Claire pregnant, can their commentary reflect this if she decides to pay elsewhere?

Is there anyway to play this on mobile using Joiplay,tried it on both pc and Mac version but all it says is "Could not get data from Joiplay" 

wheres the best place to report a bug ?  some devs use other sights and some dont for that


Any possibility of an android version?

Question do you use discord just in case you want me to give you more ideas?

Do you have anything to report about any future updates, do you have an idea of when that could release?

Suggestions for the Alpha route and variables:

Once the rent is paid and if Paul is alpha enable the building of Claire's ex to buy it and avoid being disturbed.

New side job bricklayer this job is not only an extra income but also improves the physique of not only Paul but Claire will also be able to

Sir's cafe:if Paul is an alpha and his body is toned instead of prostituting himself he could be recruited by the gym girl for a ladies cafe where they are looking for toned alphas to breed.

Ruta: AMON,yes yes the hyena sisterhood are bad but who can be worse their sisters meet Vito's younger and older Sister both with Claire and Paul prove your usefulness be feisty or submissive win your place and make Vito your personal bitch.

Ordered pizza delivery boy apparently the innocent delivery boy is nothing more than a scout it seems his pizza is not from this territory is someone watching us?

Wander around town and uncover secrets, blackmail your bosses at work and take advantage of your co-workers (I'd have to get a good quality hidden camera!!).

That and more I can suggest


Damn! The last one sounds really cool. Like all of them are cool but the last one sounds easiest to implement xD And it would let them earn more money to pay the debt OwO

No pressure, everything came out of my experience while playing (I spent 7 days without knowing how to work touching everything) and while playing as an alpha is very restricted. The rest came to me because at work that pacer time with the boss there is nothing better,the little mouse is an interesting position but you can not get anything out of it.😅😅

Well I had thought that these events would be triggered while for example we walk either alone or with our partner, and the same applies to work events as well as blackmailing our boss would also apply to his mistress. In addition to other events

what do you think about adding scenes with both characters? That would be hot xD

That's something he actually touched on briefly in both the discord and a previous progress post. It's something he wants to do, and there's even a few animations. So you might ask why not now? Because it's just one person, funding, crowd funding, and picking away at the work load of progress. Frankly, they do things to fix problems in a very timely fashion, I suspect they'll get to these things we want withnin a few years.

Do you mean like a scenes where both characters are having sex at the same time? Because we already have a sex scene between them and their watching each other having sex with Vito xD So please specify because that might be interesting OwO

Yes, it was your first guess that I meant uWu

when i talk with blaire, i have the fighting with clayton and i lose why ?

Already fixed xD There's no fighting in current build. We don't need any more violence than we already have there xD


blood for the blood god, skulls for the skull throne!

(1 edit)

Me encantaría jugarlo en español ❤️

Yo también. Cuando el juego esté listo, quiero que esté disponible en varios idiomas. Pero primero tengo que tener todo el texto listo.

can someone tell me how to unzip the game so i can play it XD im kinda bad with computers lol

Try to press the right button on the file. There will be something like "unpack (or unzip) here"

Me pregunto alguna vez habrá una versión para dispositivos móviles

No. Porque no puedo programar aplicaciones móviles. Y cuando exporto desde el motor RenPy, todo se desmorona.

But have you tried using other programs other than renpy, programs like unity or others, so they can also work

Yes. Unity is too expensive now once they started some drama with users. For unreal I'm too dumb. If I don't know how to make it work in Renpy how am I supposed to know it in new, unknown engines? :3

but if unity is too easy to use, it is practically better than renpy. If you need someone to port your game to unity or other graphics engines for Android, I am at your disposal.

I said unity is not easy, it's expensive xD Do you know how to port CreamPy to Android?

(1 edit)

I have a question: Does Claire ever give birth? It would be fun to keep getting pregnant with various characters. At least in infinite mode. Then you could have a family with them! But the game itself is nice! The art and animation is something that not as many include. I love how the story is set up and the endless possibilities. There are a few errors but otherwise it’s good. There was a scene where you play as Claire and Paul will talk but it will say Claire’s name.


Thanks for reporting :3 And yes, I'm planning to intorduce some form of pregnancy conclusion.

awesome. I was hoping for multiple times especially during infinity mode! It’s really good though! Go wild too!~ It’s rare to see these kinds of games!

Haha. Thanks :D I'm glad you like it

Only Claire gets to have an affair?

Not only. Playing Paul you can have an affair with Claire's sister. You can also have sex out of marriage with few characters

We can see Claire can get pregnant, but can Paul get anyone pregnant?


Not yet. I'm not sure if he even is able to do that xD But we shall see.


i think making paul infertile will make the cuck mechanic of the game go out better

Damn sounds hot :3

That it would be and maybe for the affair and that maybe could have Paul be able to get them pregnant or have a risk there to more a thought.

So, some questions. I haven't played the game yet, but I'm very much not into cuckold stuff and most NTR. While that kinda looks like the point of the game, which is fine, I just wanted to make sure and ask if there's a way to NOT do either of those. Where these two stay together. MAYBE Paul selling himself out, without anything happening to Claire and her staying with him and just him.

Just to reiterate, my guess is the answer is no, but I wanted to make sure. It looks like a great game, I just wanna check to see if it's something I can get into.

Sorry! I missed your message! The answer is you can avoid it by choosing the right dialogue path. They are pretty obvious almost like: can I fuck you wife? Yes/No xD

Much appreciated!

hey leo nois im not sure if its just me but i guess your new update 4.00 is a thirid party website and i can't download it can you fix this???

4.0 is on itch. 4.1 is on mega because itch doesn't accept more than 1GB files.

Tell me more about the problem with download

all it pretty much says is that its a third party website lol thanks for replying as well

first things: do you have a discord server?
second things: by rewinding to far in the game, you go back to the last sex scene, and if you where in fight, the scene will be play on the current scene, like in the house. and if you lost you lost another time the money you bet.

First: Yes but it's hidden xD

Second: fixed in 4.1

how can i get the link


Cómo me gustaría que hubiera una versión para Android de este juego.

Lo siento. No sé cómo convertirlo a Android. Lo intenté pero fallé. La interfaz de usuario es demasiado pequeña o está completamente desordenada.

but that is easy to fix. As a programmer, I could make some changes and adjustments with the renpy tool and create a base game for the Android interface if you allow me to create a version of your game for Android and iOS mobile devices.

You really seem to struggle with coming up with insults, ( probably because You're a good person), If you would like help from somebody who's basically the f****** king of one-liners and highly offensive well thought out insults, message me. Whether you want a quick one-liner, or you want an entire cash insults for Claire, Paul, and the other characters to throw at each other I can very much help you with those. The only thing you'll need to do with my insults is just decide what's too far and what's not too far.

These insults are not even mine and come from a random generator lol xD I didn't have a real motivation to come up with something extremely unpleasant or offensive so that kind of placeholder will do xD Most people come here for porn and they won't even read the novel :)

But you are right. These insults are total softies xD

so pretty much just hire an Australian

Y'all kangaroo humping wazoos think you're the end all be all of insults, but if you had any such talent, Britian wouldn't have abandoned you. Hire you for what? 10 pesos, what a steal, but I think i'll take my money and pay 100USD for a mexican, funny how even the border jumpers work in USD but you'll insist your currency is so great. Not even Somolean pirates will accept it. 

just saying blacks have the n word pass, Aussies have the c word pass

Yeah because you are one.


will there be a discord for this fanbase?

Also, bug report: Franklin (the pizza guy) - if you pay for his pizza, instead of paying 150, all your cash will instead be set to -150.

Basically, you’ll lose all your money and drop beyond zero.

There is, but it's hidden xD DM me somewhere and I'll add you.

Also, thanks for info about the bug. It will be fixed

(2 edits)

I apparently don’t know how. I’m not good at stalking people. 😅

Edit: I think I’ve found a way to send you a private message, I am unsure if it’s actually you though, or someone with the same name as you.

Ok. Let me know how I can contact you than xD Do you have Furaffinity?

when talking to paul as claire when you ask about options to pay the debt claire says to paul claire, so that is a bit weird so that means claire is claire and paul is also claire

Thanks for reporting. It will be fixed <3

how do you divorse paul?

insult him allot and talk to him when the ralationship is at 10 you get a option to divorse paul

Waiting for bugfix and new update XD

(4 edits)

Found a bug (or several) that throw players to the main menu of the game when pressing ctrl outside of dialog, now when playing as Paul  vitamins and relation screens do not work the value stays the same, and after beating clayton there is a glitch after pressing ctrl it goes back to the last hit of the match repeating the scene and giving the prise money, when landlord takes the rent money value doesn't go down bdw good update.

Thanks a lot! Great job! I will do my best to fix it



  1. Presuming they are supposed to have been implemented, sex animations are not working for me.
  2. Having sex with Clair does not increase her relationship value, or give vitamins.
  3. Sex with Gossip did not lower Clair's relationship value.
  4. Travel to Stud Sunday Arena does not function.
  5. Winning SSA causes the fight end scene to play while in gameplay afterwards.
  6. Might just not be implemented, but you have to confirm prostitution with Dax, but this is not an option with the others.


  1. Consistency in how having sex affects relationship values. Having sex with Gossip and Pizza Boy affect relationship, but having sex with the gym hyenas, or the landlord, or her sister she hates (and while Claire's in the house to boot), or Vito (outside of opening), or being an actual prostitute, do not. At the very least there has to be an explanation how you get caught sometimes, but not others.
  2. Less punishing omega status. Alpha status needs to be pushed up one point at a time, and you're only an alpha when you hit the top, but you lose it all in a single gay/femdom sex scene. Either it should be easier to reach alpha status, or harder to become an omega.
  3. Alpha/Omega preferences. Primarily in relation to prostitution, but characters react differently depending on if Paul is alpha/beta/omega, and the player receives payouts in money/affection accordingly. This could include characters who refuse to have sex unless Paul is a certain status, characters who specifically prefer subbing to omegas/domming to alphas, and switches who will ask different things of Paul depending on their mood.
  4. Since having sex with most characters gives vitamins, include the prostitution characters as part of those gains.

Wow! Thanks a lot for finding so many things and for cool suggestions. I will use it definitely :3

This new bug is so funny I kinda don't want it fixed🤣

After losing on Sunday I divorced Paul  on Thursday and slept with Xero. After sex with Xero, while laying next to him, I'm suddenly punched in the face by Clayton and he proceeds to impregnate me🤣. Luckily I saved it just before so I can watch it over and over again.


Hahahaa xD Lol! That Clayton bug is so fucked up! It also happens when you talk to Blaire xD Looks like Clayton is punishing you when you try to do something immoral xD


Sseet the new update is here

What endings this gae have right now? Also it have bug when i try to speak with blaire it goes auto to main menu and thats all


1. Succeed to pay the debt

2. Fail to pay the debt

3. Become a HB member (this one will evolve into a separate storyline in the next build)

4. Playing Claire leave Paul and run away with your lover

5. Go to jail and fail negotiations with the guard (policeman)

6. Become a Crock landlord toy


Thanks for info. I checked it and you're right (for Claire scenario).

wait how do you get to jail and get the policeman ending though?

Talk to your spouse and ask about solutions to pay the debt. They suggest you to call the police. Do it. Than follow the story. It leads automatically to the ending.

Can't wait to play the new up date

Awesome game thank you!

 idk if it's a bug or not, this is on joiplay, but in the PC works fine


Some renpy things cannot be parsed by the emulators I guess. It's recommended to play on the PC and avoid mobile devices. Thanks for reporting the issue :3


I don't know if this is just for me but i cannot see any zips to download or a download button at all, might just be me missing something since i'm not the most savvy with computers and stuff. I am however looking forward to playing it more.

No it's the same for me too.




No worries take your time


I took <3 And here I am! Back with the build :D  Hahaha

Very fun. I'm loving it. Have had two small problems with my screen going white with Claire's sister and Paul scene, as well as the pizza boy and Claire second second couch scene.


Im more excited than ever!!


Seems like the moment for the 4.0 is closer than eveeeer...so exciteeeed! xD


Like 5-6 hours. I hate promising things when things like codding is involved xD I feel more comfortable drawing and animating. But yes, it's cuuuuming! OwO

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