A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Debtors is a twisted, dark story of a couple that is in debt trouble with a criminal organization called Hyena Brotherhood. As they struggle to pay the money the HB is exploiting their situation. 

In the meantime, they receive a strange invitation from a mysterious cult of pleasure and desire...

Why does it suck so much?

The game is in very early development. Also, stop complaining! It's much better than the previous version!

Why is it so heavy with so little content?

It contains over 30 animations in 4k. It has to be that way xD

Fetishes caution:

  • M/F, M/M
  • Cuckold
  • Breeding
  • Humiliation
  • Prostitution

More cumming soon...

For a longer gameplay keep both hands on table when playing!

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(68 total ratings)
AuthorLeo Nois
GenreVisual Novel
TagsErotic, Furry, Management, Thriller
Average sessionA few minutes

Install instructions

To install simply unzip the file to your desktop.



Development log


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Big fan of this, any plans for a patreon, subscribestar or kickstarter?

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the game is amazing can鈥檛 wait for more content I wish there was more games like this 

This game is awesome, is seriously am living for the next update, and to see more cuck scenes 100%

the Cult of Pleasure still says under development for me, this is after i downloaeded Build 2 the most recent one avaliable to me

cant wait next update) Thank you for your work!


Playing this game for awhile...I dont see any difference acceot the letter invitation. Am i doing something wrong?


When could we expect a new update roughly? Game looks really fun so far. Also is development log your only place you put changelogs?


will we get a nude mode?


This is a very nice game I love it I hope to see it to the final version. Take care of yourself and pace and take a break if you need to, I wish you well in development of the and in life.


Awwww ;3 Thank you <3


you're welcome. Again love the game.


Just curious, this is abandoned隆?


I don't believe it is. I can imagine stuff in life must have gotten the dev busy as well the many mechanics of the game that has been said they were working on. All I hope at least this or next month we get some news about this.


No. I'm still working. Just I don't show it publically 


thnk for the reply. Amazing game. 

One of the best that i have played


cant wait to see the next release


I do have ideas, I will try to keep them somewhat organized but no promises.

1. The phone gave me an idea for a late or mid-late game event in which a series of variables can happen, but with the cast so far, Andrew, Vito, or both can appear depending on Paul's hierarchy rank. different scenes occur has a result I will list the scenes at the bottom for organization purposes.

2. The invitation seems to imply something about the world in game, so maybe an event which offers Paul an a double ended gift, has Paul rises in the hierarchy he will become more hung, and maybe slightly more muscular, conversely however should Paul be submissive he will lose even more size and have a decreasing sperm count with a special bad end in which Paul becomes female, and is shown to be pregnant beside Claire.

3. Random encounter events  an example being has Andrew on a break, which could become a quickie for Andrew and either Paul, Claire or both.

4. Locations- thought I'd throw in these bar-(maybe add gloryhole scenes here) college-(group-sex, orgies, and gangbang scenes) The beach- with an attached cove, and some other stuff. Private cabin, for privacy and some discreet hookups (scenes here don't lower Paul's Hierarchy rank)

New game plus with character variants unlocked (Alpha Paul, Fem Paul, Breeder Claire(milky and extra fertile) Cumdump Claire (low fertility or sterile but high libido.)

Items for kinks- buy condom for condom related scenes, a Fleshlight for Paul watching scenes and other scenes, Strap-on and other toys for other scenes to unlock.

Scene list- (location-characters-description)

Cabin - Paul & Andrew - Andrew wants some private time with Paul, variants include top Paul fucking Andrew, Powerbottom Andrew riding Paul, Andrew face-fucking Paul (possibly throat-swabbing alt, Paul giving Andrews balls some love, and Andrew fucking Paul.

Cabin - Claire, Paul, and Andrew - Andrew wants both of them, Paul and Claire both suck a nut each until Andrew blows his load on them both or in their mouths. Paul sucking Andrew sack while he fucks Claire. Andrew fucking Paul into Claire (bi-sandwich) .Paul watching them but no participation. Paul giving Andrew condoms to fill, maybe even involve putting them on Andrew between rounds. Paul and Andrew tag-team Claire variants based on Paul size. Paul lubing Claire for Andrew (sloppy seconds but Andrew goes multiple rounds. Andrews fluffer, name says it all Paul is Andrews fluffer.

Cabin - Paul & Claire -  The couple has sex filled get weekend getaway

Cabin - Paul, Claire, and beverly's bf (maybe ex by this point?) - ex bf of the slut from work looking for rebound sex, and Paul has condoms and a slut willing to fuck him or the both of them.

Beach Cove - Paul & Claire - they have sex in the hidden cove.

Beach Cove - Paul & Vito - Vito needing some relieve for his full balls.

Beach Cove - Paul, Andrew & Claire(hidden) - Claire undrew water sucking Andrews cock while he has a conversation will Paul

Beach Cove - Paul, Andrew & Claire - Claire suck both guys while they chat.

Beach Cove - Vito & Claire -  same has with Paul

Beach House - Vito, Andrew, Claire, and Paul - Vito and Andrew tag-team Claire while Paul fluffs and in the condom play version equips them.

Beach House - Vito, Andrew, Claire, and Paul - the trio gangbang Claire

Beach House - Vito, Andrew, Claire, and Paul - Andrew and Vito have two little sluts to fuck.

Multi - Paul - Fleshlight masturbation variant based on location and event

Gym - Andrew Paul and Claire - Andrew fucks Claire in his office while Paul fuck a fleshlight in a corner of the office.

Gym Showers - Andrew, Paul, and Claire - Paul and Claire bodyworship Andrew until they both end up sucking him.

Gym Showers - Andrew Fuck's Claire against the wall while Paul cups Andrew's balls

Gym Showers - Paul fuck Claire

Gym Showers - Claire blows both Paul and Andrew.

If it isn't obvious from the last three, I am a little tired of typing these and need a break but you have some of the ideas I had. I just thought these would look good with your art style and I do have some story event suggestions, but I need a break and will get back to this later.


damn thats a lot of great ideas you got there


While I love all this, Vito should be the main Alpha. I desperately want to suckle his musky nuts while he fucks a pregger Claire~

(1 edit) (+3)

I have ideas for Vito too, I may prefer Andrew but I haven't forgotten Vito, mind these are simply examples in format for scripting purposes. Has for your wish I do have an idea on the in-game set up for it:

Prereqs- 1 Claire is pregnant by Vito, 2 Paul has a low hierarchy rating.

Uses the call Vito to make a deal teased in update 2, and would likely have at least 3 variants; Claire not visibly pregnant (for imprecation commentary,) Claire with a small baby bump (mild commentary from Vito about it being his) and finally late stage pregnant Claire (has Vito make comments about Paul having to Raise his kids.)

The main reason I haven't touch much on preg content instead of simple impregnation is to due with the lack of known mechanics. Is Claire able to be impregnated and give birth multiple times a playthrough, or Just once to determine the father? If the former is true has hinted in the dialogue, then scenes can contain variants for multiple pregnancies and if the same guy has impregnated her multiple times. If the later is true however the fertility mechanics will likely be changed or a scene in which Paul can impregnate her to avoid raising another's kid would be more likely.

Not saying I don't have ideas for both, has I do, but at the current stage I don't know which will prove true in the future.

Once the mechanics are revealed I can post more ideas for preg content.

I have plans for Vito too, just waiting for more news from the dev before I make another Holy-Wall-Of-Text of content ideas.

Treat the first has a tease of ideas to come if you will. ;D

Edit: I might be tempted to write a short version of how I think the scene you want will playout, if you want to add some details for the scene in question:

1 How pregnant is Claire?

2 Is Paul reluctant or openly submissive to Vito?

3 Is Paul Bi or a willing cuck?

Reminder this is just me writing a scene that may or may not get added and is unofficial. (I have absolutely no say in what the dev does, I just post ideas for expansion and improvement.)


Question! Any plans on Android?


What if i want to reserve the option to keep playing as both? And have the option for scenes involving both? And also a nudist playthrough? Au natural mode?


Just wanna say this is a gorgeous game! I love how you're responsive and dedicated!


I would like to see the alt.ending where Paul becomes an absolute femboy slut gets divorced by claire and starts dating vito as his personal fucktoy


Love it, one suggestion, maybe an option to just be male or female. Overall nice game :)


Hahaha :) Good you ask. I'm just posting a devlog of char selection screen today :)


Will there be an option for a nude playthrough? As in tell them to strip permanently?


Daaamn. That's a pretty good idea. But I will have to figure it out.


Hello! Can we get an Android version 馃槶


If it's made of renpy(by the look of it) you can use emulator joiplay to play it on Android


No. The interface is broken in Android and I can't fix it... I'm a pornographer, not a programmer xD


Now, I'm sad. I pray for a clear future~  #acess


Hi hi, just here to send encouragement since I'm really big into impregnation/pregnancy fetish (especially when it is unwanted pregnancy). There just isn't enough games that does it well. Keep up the good work! :3


Good to hear that. Play as Claire next time if you like an unexpected pregnancy. It will happen to you surprisingly often xD Also thanks for kind words!


Really glad I ain't the only one in that boat. The whole pregnancy happening as a game over only has become so overrated at this point. Sure, I get why, if the devs of such games go more logical and go along with the time a baby must be formed, but still there are good ones that always find smart excuses or go full fantasy to do something faster and are really so rare. That's why I'm excited for this one, cause I'm shocked how furry community has almost no games with pregnancies considering how people are really into that when it comes to furries.

(1 edit) (+2)

Well, that looks promising, I mean, it is very early, so I don't want to criticise the content or lack thereof at the moment :D

To the animations tho, don't know if they can be sharpened up a bit? But the most glaring part is for me the speed, they feel a bit too fast? Minor thing tho and it seems you are still working on the basic parts there, will definitly keep an eye on this tho and hope for more stuff in the future :D

I mean, I like the setting and tags, and games with content for F/M and M/M are so rare :x :D and the main chars seem cute :D


Awww! Thank you. And I agree with you. Animations will be diversified when it comes to speed. Some of them will be slow and sensual and some of them will be wild like animals in the National Geographic xD


Hey Leo Nois is there a way that I can talk to you privately so I can share some ideas of mine with you  about how to make your game great if possible let me know




Thanks ;3

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too bad it wasn t much to do, since the game is new

(2 edits) (+2)

Can you make it so they wear nothing at all? (Nude playthrough?) Or even slave path? Custom outfits would be fun too


Yes. Clothes is an idea but for far future updates :) Thanks for asking


Are there any plans for parallel sex in the future?


What do you mean by parallel sex? :3


When two people get dicked next to each other in a parallel fashion. It's a tag on e621 if you want some examples.


Wow! Looks really hot! I'll need to think about it for some future scenes ;3 Maybe Claire and Beverly fucked one by one by Francis (pig boss)


I was thinking it would be fun to see Paul and Claire get dicked together, but that may just be me.

Hi could I have this for Android please I love your game it's amazing 馃憦 

It's broken for android and I can't fix it. Sorry. Maybe I will hire some programming brain to do it for me when I'm rich and famous xD

Props to the dev, you seem to be very dedicated and fired up! Keep up, I hope the game will have a fun gameplay loop and good management mechanics.

Spoiler: it will xD That's why it changes with every update. I listen to you guys whining and make changes to make it better xD

While not a fan of ntr, I do dig how the game looks like. Besides being into furry, the pregnancy system is what caught my interest (as you can tell, I'm a huge fan of the impregnation/pregnancy fetish). Always enjoy when games do that, mostly as a system that can happen again and again instead of being a game over like the majority are. More like this need to happen. Just can't wait to see Claire belly grow with pups.

I do hope to see more of this game and more stuff added in the next updates. I already saw in the comments that you have plans to be able to choose character instead of the male having all the choice (I was thinking the same and glad that might happen).


Yap. And it will save a lot of working hours for me in the coding department xD

I am really enjoying this game I hope it is completed and constantly updated I will definitely buy it

(I have not found any social profile where to follow you for updates if you have it would you write it)

I will post all updates here. And thanks for your willingness to buy it. Sadly it's free to play. Maybe the game will include some YCH component but no paywall ;3

I'm not really into furry games, but Clarie for some reason made me horny on a different level lol. (So great design choice right there:) I also recommend you start a Substar page or a Patreon as I'm certain people would be happy to support you with this one. All in all great idea and I wish you the best of luck with this project :D

Awww ;3 Thank you, Ret! Stay cool and awesome! And stay tuned for future updates. 

For Patreon or SubscribeStar I will open it probably from December but it's still just a plan.

I haven't tried the game yet, but I'm definitely interested in seeing why everyone likes it so much with it being especially free and everything! I can't wait to give my opinion and I know it's going to be positive!

Awwww ;3 Thank you <3

The game is great but i think some stuff and missing also do ya have a Patreon or discord cause i want to chat with you and give you some of mine ideas that i think will make the game great if you allow me?


No patreon, sorry. And discord only for limited numer of peeps. But you can share your ideas in PM I guess (if itch even has one) xD

I see that you hire somebody for story telling but that not what I mean by ideas of mine i was thinking more like add some items, location, sex scens and more like those ideas not ideas base on story


Sounds cool. But first I need to finish the core structure of the project. Later on I will build up upon it ;3

That sounds great also if you want to hear some of mine ideas feel free to add me on mine discord master022#0648

Invitation sent

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I love the idea of the game, but not being into females nor cucking has me weirdly split on it. Would love a mode in the future where you can play as one or the other (and single) instead of both for a more broad appeal. Just food for thought!


Ha! Funny you say that because I'm splitting characters in next update xD

Lol for real? Awesome! I look forward to that then :)


good game , Did you provide the anal sex integration for Claire? And did you plan to have dog cocks?

I'll make an ambiguous camera angle so your can imagine it's vaginal or anal xD Dog cocks never. Sorry. Turn off for me :3


Over 30 animations in a pretty good game being made for free. That right there is dedication and will earn a patreon subscription from me.


I really appreciate your comment :3 I will do my best to keep it that way ;3

Nice going despite a bug here and there i cant wait to see how this game blossoms


Thank you ^^

Author can you please say in your game gonna be impregnation and pregnancy?And can we able to see how the kids gonna be look like


Preg yes. Kids no. It's +18 content after all ^^

Is it just regular preg or does it also involve mpreg as well, if I'm not overstepping any boundaries by asking that?


No problem. It's ok to mask. I'm not planning mpreg right now

(2 edits)

If it wouldn't risk any kind of spoilers to your VN by asking this, are there any other kinds of kink/fetishes besides the ones that are listed here that you plan to add on at a later date and time as you add on more contents like chapters and other things to this project of yours?


Oh yes! I'm planning to add a lot of things but now I'm rebuilding graphics and animations because this project deserves better :3

Great game so far, but getting the debt down is a chore and more annoying than anything. Cut down on the debt or increase the amount of money you earn

(1 edit) (+1)(-1)

I know what you mean. I'm paying a mortgage IRL xD I tried to as a bank to cut down the debt or my boss to increase my salary but this mechanics are bugged xD

Now... All I'm saying is, the hierarchy stat certainly is interesting


Yes. It will affect the attitude of other guys to you and the endings

No more android version?


No. User interface crashes on android


(2 edits) (-1)

Showering is bugged. If you shower after the LF date the choices will reset and you can do another LF date.


Thanks for reporting ;3 The crime scene will be investigated xD

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